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"Excellence in education is when we do everything that we can to make sure they become everything that they can."

-Carol Tomlinson, author of The Differentiated Classroom

What do we have for Super Star Math Homework?

for the week of April 23rd:




Combined Weeks




Please come prepared each week with your Superstar Math.

Problems are due by Thursday for in-class review Remember- even attempts get star credit!

Please attempt to make corrections on Thursday nights by showing or explaining your work. Simply changing the answer and stating that you misunderstood or made a calculation error is not sufficient evidence to show your rethinking and understanding of the problem. Remember, the best part of making a mistake is what we can learn from it!

Corrections are due Friday for full credit.

Take time to put forth the extra effort that it takes to review your answers and apply new learning!

Remember- The more you use your brain, the more brain you'll have to use!

What was our focus this week in class?



For this past week of April 16th:

First Grade:

First graders were introduced to Superstar Math this week and did a great job discussing different problem solving strategies. They continue to work at the Evaluation level of Bloom's Taxonomy as we continue our Famous People Unit. The girls are using multiple texts to research details that show evidence how the person of their choice shows three traits needed in order to be a good principal. From there, we will create a project at the Synthesis level of Bloom.

Second Grade:

The box we have been waiting for has arrived! Next week we will begin researching clues created by our partner school to begin to narrow down their location in the U.S.- starting with their region and then state. We have also begun our final text of the year- Punished. It is a fun read full of different types of figurative language. The kids were first introduced to those roll-your-eyes-funny puns. Did you know that circus lions won't eat clowns because they taste funny? Have you heard about the dog that gave birth to her puppies on the side of the road and then was arrested for littering? Next week, we'll continue to read the text as our main character, Logan, goes on a hunt for oxymorons!

Third Grade:

Third graders spent time this week discussing the last few chapters of The Green Book. They finally discovered the author's twist which made the point of view of the narrator a bit challenging to figure out. Next week the kids will begin a writing piece to compare Shine and the Earth which will encourage others to read the text. This week the kids also continued our unit on Heredity with the creation of our Reebop offspring. Based on "inherited traits", the students built their baby Reebops. Next week we will compare our results with the probability of receiving certain traits from our Reebop parents.

Fourth Grade:

This week Fourth graders continued their research on the legacy topic of their choice. They are using print and also beginning to use online sources to gather information and take organized notes. They also are learning how to cite various types of sources correctly as they will need to give credit to the sources they use for their projects.

Fifth Grade:

Fifth graders have now completed their career projects. We have heard from a forensic biologist, computer programmer, neurosurgeon, occupational therapist, family therapist and mechanical engineer. Next week we will spend some time preparing for our field trip to Beck & Sons and begin to think about transferrable skills the kids possess that can help them build a resume.

"Whether you think you can or think you can't- you are right." -Henry Ford
Announcements, Resources, & Reminders: = =

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves at our first PAGE sponsored Explorathon!

Thanks to all who presented and attended to make the evening a success!!

First Grade:

Second Grade:

Third Grade:

Fourth Grade: Field Trip rescheduled for May 10th

Please send back revised permission slips if you have not already done so.

Fifth Grade: Field Trip scheduled for Friday, April 27th.

Here are a few great websites for all grades to try:

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