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"Excellence in education is when we do everything that we can to make sure they become everything that they can."

-Carol Tomlinson, author of The Differentiated Classroom

Check out these great alternatives to video games from our UM PAGE group's parent support meeting:

Beyond Video Games presentation by Karen Hanssens and Michelle Lutz

What do we have for Super Star Math Homework?

SUPER STAR MATH for the week of:







Please come prepared each week with your Superstar Math.

Problems are due by Thursday for in-class review Remember- even attempts get star credit!

Please attempt to make corrections on Thursday nights by showing or explaining your work. Simply changing the answer and stating that you misunderstood or made a calculation error is not sufficient evidence to show your rethinking and understanding of the problem. Remember, the best part of making a mistake is what we can learn from it!

Corrections are due Friday for full credit.

Take time to put forth the extra effort that it takes to review your answers and apply new learning!

Remember- The more you use your brain, the more brain you'll have to use!

What was our focus this week in class?



For this past week of:


First Grade:

First graders have finished work on their final research project of the year. Their unusual acrostics look great- full of information about their researched topics, creative and colorful! The kids had a lot of fun choosing which words they would use to represent their topic letters in these middle letter acrostics!

Second Grade:

The second graders are just about finished writing up the similarities and differences we discovered between our school and our partner school in Greenfield, Wisconsin during our research. The kids are looking forward to adding some images to their final published texts next week.

Third Grade:

The third graders have solved their final mystery of the year by using their critical thinking skills to determine motives and substantiate suspects' alibis. We also had some fun experimenting with a mysterious white powder found at the scene of the crime! The kids finished out the week working with some brain teasers and problems to challenge their mathematical reasoning skills.

Fourth Grade:

Fourth graders are in the final stage of the Big 6 Research process which involves evaluation and have been busy viewing and evaluating each other's legacy presentations. We will finish up on Monday and hopefully have a day or two to finish out the year playing our student-created Multiple Intelligence games- the kids have been wanting to play them again!

Fifth Grade:

What a short week it was for fifth grade, and yet they still had time to create some professional-looking resumes by building upon their "transferable skills." We should be able to get together for a few days next week to wrap up the year with some fun, yet challenging activities!

"Whether you think you can or think you can't- you are right." -Henry Ford
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Here are a few great websites for all grades to try:

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