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"Excellence in education is when we do everything that we can to make sure they become everything that they can."

-Carol Tomlinson, author of The Differentiated Classroom

Check out these great alternatives to video games from our UM PAGE group's parent support meeting:

Beyond Video Games presentation by Karen Hanssens and Michelle Lutz

What do we have for Super Star Math Homework?

for the week of 4/24/17:







Please come prepared each week with your Superstar Math.

Problems are due by Thursday for in-class review Remember- even attempts get star credit!

Please attempt to make corrections on Thursday nights by showing or explaining your work. Simply changing the answer and stating that you misunderstood or made a calculation error is not sufficient evidence to show your rethinking and understanding of the problem. Remember, the best part of making a mistake is what we can learn from it!

Corrections are due Friday for full credit.

Take time to put forth the extra effort that it takes to review your answers and apply new learning!

Remember- The more you use your brain, the more brain you'll have to use!

What was our focus this week in class?



For this past week of:


First Grade:

First graders have finished presenting their slide presentations to complete the final step of our Super 3 Research Process of Plan, Do and Review. We worked on being honest and kind in their feedback to each other. We ended the week discussing the topic of bullies as the text we are starting to read is Jake Drake, Bully Buster. We'll use the book to discuss topics such as point of view, figurative language, including metaphors, as well as vocabulary.

Second Grade:

Second graders have had lots of fun this week attempting to discover the secret location of our partner school. Some picture clues about historic landmarks as well as their geography and climate helped us narrow down their location to the mid-west region. From there we were able to use clues such as state symbols, manufactured products, famous people and even a mythical creature clue to figure out they live in Wisconsin! We have a couple more state clues in order to confirm their location before we start looking for their town.

Third Grade:

This week third graders spent time writing about The Green Book. They are practicing the craft of building suspense to encourage others to read the text to find out if Pattie and her family survive some of the major differences found on their new home planet. The kids have done a great job of setting the scene for their audience and building their writing around the similarities and differences that may impact survival. Because these pieces are quite lengthy, the kids are using Google microphone to help move us along. Look for these pieces to be published soon!

Fourth Grade:

Fourth graders have begun their research on the legacies of Albert Einstein, Coretta Scott King, Marie Curie, Harry Houdini, Rachel Carson and Teddy Roosevelt, just to name a few! We have been using books to begin our research, but next week will move into some online resources to gather more information. The kids are working to be very critical readers and selective in the information they are gathering- not all life events are important for us to understand a person's legacy and its impact on others. The kids are also working to keep their notes organized by the different essential questions they have asked. Hopefully this will help them when it comes to synthesizing all the information they are finding into a finished product.

Fifth Grade:

Fifth graders continue to synthesize the information they have gathered on a specific career to create a project which meets the requirements of their research task. They are in the process of deciding which of their notes should be included in their visual presentation and which information should be shared orally. They are also thinking about ways to interact with their audience during their presentation. We will use class time next week to continue our work and then begin discussing when presentations should begin. Over the next two weeks the kids will also complete their reading of The Mysterious Benedict Society. This week we discussed characterization as well as a hidden theme in the text. The students' final assignment will to be write a response on one of those topics.

"Whether you think you can or think you can't- you are right." -Henry Ford
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Second Grade:

Third Grade:

Fourth Grade:

Fifth Grade: Field trip to Pennoni on May 4th!

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